The author autographing a copy of Freemasonry: An Introduction​.

He has taught thousands of students at New York University, Hunter College—The City University of New York, the University of Central Florida, Manhattanville College, and Raritan Valley Community College.

Professionally, Dr. Koltko-Rivera conducts a practice in foresight consultation (applied futures science) at MEKR Consulting, where he helps clients in the public and private sectors to anticipate future circumstances, and either change those circumstances or adapt to them in advance. In his professional capacity, he has conducted several research projects funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, and has delivered papers before conference audiences at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

A portion of the handout given to the audience at Dr. Koltko-Rivera's first foresight-oriented presentation: "The Psychology of Some 21st Century Issues," his contribution to a symposium that he organized at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association on 21st-century psychology (August 2005, Washington, DC).

About Mark Koltko-Rivera, Ph.D.

Dr. Mark E. Koltko-Rivera is a Past Grand Historian of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York.

Dr. Koltko-Rivera speaking on the Resurgence of Freemasonry at the Robert R Livingston Masonic Library of Grand Lodge, in New York City. You may view a video of this presentation here. Visit his YouTube channel, "Resurgence of Freemasonry," here.

RW Koltko-Rivera speaking at the Livingston Masonic Library in NYC

He may be reached through the Contact tab above, or by email sent to
mark@mekr​  .

He is the author of three books on Masonry: Freemasonry: An Introduction (2011); The Mysteries of Freemasonry: Essays (2017), and The Resurgence of Freemasonry (2018). His Masonic scholarship has appeared in: the Philalethes magazine; the

Transactions of the American Lodge of Research (NY); Further Light (Florida Lodge of Research); Heredom and The Plumbline (each published by the Scottish Rite Research Society); the Scottish Rite Journal, and elsewhere.

Dr. Koltko-Rivera delivering his award address at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, on the occasion of his receiving the George A. Miller Award for an Outstanding Article in General Psychology—for the second time. 

He holds a doctorate from the Department of Applied Psychology at New York University (NYU). He is an elected Fellow of the American Psychological Association (APA), and has won awards for his psychological scholarship and research from three divisions of APA. This scholarship has appeared in the Review of General Psychology, the Journal of Humanistic Psychology, and 


Dr. Koltko-Rivera and his masters degree students in the class "Measurement and Appraisal," Hunter College—CUNY, December 2016.