As of 2016, U.S. Masonic membership had slipped to 1.1 million Masons, a reduction of 73%, even as the population of the country grew by 82% during this same period. At this rate of decline, we are headed for a situation in which American Freemasonry could become virtually extinct within the lifetimes of men whom we are now initiating.​

In the United States, Freemasonry has the smallest membership it has had since the Masonic Service Association of North America began keeping records in 1924. U.S. Masonic membership peaked in 1959 at 4.1 million Masons

A world that has these values because the Fraternity has a quantity of quality Masons, numbering perhaps 5% of the adult male population.

A world blessed by the resurgence of Freemasonry.

Dr. Koltko-Rivera's mission at Lodge Consulting is three-fold:

(1) to help Masonic Grand Lodges to build themselves to their true potential strength—5% of the male adult population in their area—through (a) refining the Lodge experience, (b) delivering regular quality Masonic education, (c) telling the world about Freemasonry, (d) repairing the West Gate, and (e) defending Freemasonry to the world; 

(2) to reform Masonic education throughout the Fraternity so that it is a well-structured and well-delivered exploration of the symbolism, philosophy, and ritual of Freemasonry; 

(3) to deliver high-quality sessions of Masonic education (talks and conference presentations).

A world imbued with Masonic values (such as tolerance, civility, and association across lines of race or religion, equality across social classes, respect for science and  faith), where people are motivated to improve themselves and the human condition, where people remember that humans are the Builders and the Explorers.

The Context

This reduction in membership impedes the ability of the Fraternity to pursue the prime objectives of Freemasonry: to further the moral and spiritual perfection of individual Masons, and thereby to advance the moral and spiritual perfection of humanity.

Masons must not allow Freemasonry to decline.

On the contrary, Masons should help Masonry to resurge.

Our vision at Lodge Consulting

The Mission of Lodge Consulting