Dr. Koltko-Rivera offers a one-day training workshop, “Advancing the Masonic Resurgence,” for Grand Officers, District Deputy Grand Masters, and others invited by the Grand Master. During this in-person all-day (typically weekend) workshop, he conducts four 90-minute sessions that teach and train attendees regarding the following: 

Session #1

  • The realities of the Masonic membership crisis in this Grand Lodge;
  • The forthcoming virtual extinction of Freemasonry in this Grand Lodge during the lifetimes of men who are being initiated today—if this Grand Lodge sustains the status quo: typically, a further 80% to 90% loss of membership projected for 2015-2075;
  • Why we should care: How low numbers keep Freemasonry from fulfilling its mission—and how they keep us Masons from fulfilling our missions.
  • The true potential of Masonic membership in this Grand Lodge today: 5% of adult males within the jurisdiction, if only they knew who we really are, and how to reach us.
  • The true causes of the Masonic membership crisis.
  • A brief introduction to a five-part approach to turning the Masonic membership crisis around: the Five Tasks of the Masonic Resurgence.

Session #2:

  • The First Task, “Rebuild the Temple”: How to refine the Lodge experience. Deliver value to members (see Section #5, Point #1, above), and reduce dimits.
  • The Second Task, “Build the House of Learning”: How to develop and conduct regular quality sessions of Masonic education in the Lodge. Deliver further value to members (see Section #5, Point #2, above), and further reduce dimits.

Lunch Break

Session #3:

  • The Third Task, “Build the Lighthouse”: How Grand Lodge and Particular Lodges can tell the world about Freemasonry—in person and online (see Section #5, Point #3, above). Increase petitions from appropriate men, without recruitment.
  • The Fourth Task, “Repair the West Gate”: How to deal appropriately with people interested in the Fraternity, would-be petitioners, and so forth (see Section #5, Point #4, above). Reduce demits down the road.

Session #4:

  • The Fifth Task, “Build the Guard Towers”: How to address the threat of anti-Masonic propaganda (see Section #5, Point #5, above). Increase petitions and reduce dimits.
  • Final questions and answers, and discussion.

All participants receive a workbook and a copy of Dr. Koltko-Rivera's book, The Resurgence of Freemasonry, which includes detailed guidelines for such activities as preparing and conducting Masonic Open Houses, Chambers of Reflection, and more. 

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Consulting With Grand Lodges