Consulting with local lodges

Dr. Koltko-Rivera offers a 90-minute consultation over the telephone regarding actions that a local ("Particular") Lodge can take to become strong and vibrant. (A Skype consultation is available if the Lodge prefers.) Before the consultation, Dr. Koltko-Rivera will send a short questionnaire to the Lodge leadership, and they will send it back to Dr. Koltko-Rivera to give him a clearer view of the situation in the lodge. (This will all occur by e-mail.)

During the consultation, depending upon the precise information given in the questionnaire, Dr. Koltko-Rivera and the Lodge leadership may discuss any or all of the following topics:

  • The issues that are impeding Lodge growth.
  • How to help the honest-in-heart seekers in your area find your Lodge—without recruitment.
  • How to improve the experience of men who have expressed interest in submitting a petition.
  • How to improve the experience of petitioners before their initiations.
  • How to improve the experience of Masonic initiation for petitioners.
  • How to improve the experience of Entered Apprentices and Fellowcrafts.
  • How to improve the atmosphere of Lodge meetings.
  • How to improve the Lodge's Stated Communications.
  • How to improve Masonic Education in the Lodge.
  • How to improve fellowship among Lodge members, outside of Lodge meetings.

​One way to summarize this is to say that we will be discussing how to improve Lodge growth, improve retention of new and experienced initiates alike, reduce dismissals for non-payment of dues (NPDs), and improve the overall Lodge experience for everyone involved.

Interested Lodges may reach Dr. Koltko-Rivera through the Contact tab, above.